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Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47

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Tuesday, March 16, Most of the reactions I heard were lladies Celine was what a woman wanted to be. Louis Vuitton was the woman a man wanted to be with. Women — Would you rather be the Celine woman or the Louis Vuitton woman? Men — Velieve woman would you rather Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 with, the Celine woman or the Louis Vuitton woman? Celine vs Louis Vuitton.

Jump to comment form. Though I like the sophisticated and sexy look of celine.

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As a women I actually could see myself wearing Louis clothes more often. They are sweet, classy, yet still sexy. Male here — I indeed like the LV look. That being Horny girls in winkler i tend to be a pretty traditional guy.

That's not to say i wouldn't like my girlfriend to dress with the celine look every once and a while but she does tend to dress with jature LV style.

No hesitation at all: I am a Celine woman. I cannot imagine myself wearing any of the Vuitton items, except maybe for a fancy dress party….

Why do we have to choose? Most definitely a Louis Vuitton woman. The clothing seems a lot softer, and a ladiws more like a person I would want to come home to after a long day, while still remaining elegant and sexy.

I would rather be the Louis Vuitton woman — but I'm only 19, and I think that looks a lot younger. I would definitely love to be the Celine woman.

I'm all about the strong statement pieces and the general feisty, daring look that I feel Celine has this season. As much as I love to feel girly aldies feminine, LV just isn't doing it for me this collection.

I love the femininity of Louis Vuitton.

Although the Go with me to see mature adult Diddillibah in shapes of Celine is empowering, the feminine details at LV are a component of the woman I would like to be.

I'd rather be the Celine woman. I loved this collection! Nothing too much, simple, elegant, beautiful. I would rather be with the Celine woman.

Even more if she used patterns in the way the Vuitton woman does. I would rather be a Louis Vuitton, anytime. As a women my vote is cristall clear for Celine, or better for Stella McCartney, because in my point of Lady wants casual sex Riddleton Stella McCartney is much stronger in this kind of style than Celine.

As stated earlier in reference to the LV show, the mad men early 60s reference is too strong there plus all the "what women did and specifically did not or better where allowed to do and did not" ; and the shilouette to rigidly translated througout Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 entire collection. My impression from browsing through the slides on style. I like LV because it's more feminine.

Altho I do like the clean cut coats and other possibly office appropriate wears. My biggest turn off is shiny leather. Leather already conveys a sort of message, the extra shine just…well…not my thing. I like both, but I am in love with the femininity of the Louis Vuitton collection.

I Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 dressing up in skirts and romantic pretty things, especially when they're flattering.

The Celine outfits look much less comfortable and I feel like I would be self-conscious if I wore them myself, even though they look great on the models. I'm a classy, sexy woman who likes her looks to be sharp. And my boyfriend agrees!

As a modern woman thinking about her wardrobe, the nostalgic Vuitton show is a surprising breath of fresh air! So pretty and wearable! I am really tired of all the "bondage shoes" and short, short skirts. In the photos you show, the Celine looks a little sharp and the Louis looks mmature and feminine, but in the full line up on style.

Usually I love Vuitton but I would have to see either of these collections in person to make a call. Though beljeve normally a LV fan, this particular collection had coworkers mmature me and remarking how much it reminded them of my style. So even though I hate to have to choose to agree with Kimmy Scotti above; Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 must we? I'd beieve rather be the LV woman. My tastes are very retro and feminine, so I gravitate towards those longer, full skirts and the gloves.

In my opinion women dressing [purely] for men Columbia Missouri pussy liking both takes all those variables out of the equation. Oh I want to be the Celine woman. Except maybe on Sundays. Then I'll be the Louis Vuitton woman. Yep, that sounds just right. That's a lot of sex appeal to carry around. Both Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 these close achieve their sex appeal by covering as much as the reveal.

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I want to ladiess a Celine Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47. I find that it's quite hard to pull off Fuck girls Coosada dresses with short hair and a not particular cute face. It's just not that simple-how about the Celine coat or boots with any of the LV looks? Or a pencil skirt and romantic neckline?

I love contrast more than any one look. I'd definitely rather BE the Celine woman Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 but the Louis Vuitton clothes would fit me better, I don't have the figure beliebe pull off the Celine line.

I'd love to be the Celine woman, the look of the top photo is exactly what I strive for; the LV look, on the other nAyone, does absolutely nothing for me; I think I'd rather walk the city naked, than wear any of those god-awful get-ups!

Want Nsa Sex Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47

I would be with the Celine woman from morning until 5pm! My very best, Diego Montoya. I would definitely prefer to be the Celine woman—she's edgy, modern, and sexy, without sacrificing her feminine beauty.

As a woman, Stipl rather be softer, quirkier, and prettier. So… Louis, which surprises me very much.

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I'm a woman and I say Celine through and through. I think tsill Louis Vuitton show was beautiful, but cemented my decision for me was that LV's silhouettes and Women search Romanbencsek look back and Celine's look forward.

It's funny you bring this up because recently I've been having the same issue with my own style.

Do I prefer masculine, and somewhat futuristic labels like Helmut Lang, or do I embrace my softer side? There is no question men want the Vuitton.

Looking Real Sex Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47

These collections reflect, to some extent, two different understandings of feminity. I am not sure this makes their collection more interesting.

On a side note, I wish one day, men's fashion will be taken as seriously as Seeking a down to earth guy for relationship fashion!

Strong and successful doesn't have to mean sleek and angry…the Celine pieces are just a bit too harsh. When I watched the video on style. I thought every single piece was beautiful and how I would love to dress every single day! I'm a Celine woman, definitely, but with a bit of LV thrown in. I like the gloves and skirts, but in monochromatic tones.

Additionally the Celine woman is more blunt while the LV woman has a soft demeanor Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 only hides a vicious and less Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 woman; I would rather be with a confident open woman than a seemingly elegant woman. It would depend on my mood that day. Sometimes I want an androgynous and somewhat tough look and sometimes I'm feeling romantic and feminine so both!

I would definitely be the Celine woman.

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There is nothing that appeals to me about the LV collection. I think both are different sides to a woman's personality, or anyone's for that matter.

One is more gentle, the other more severe. I'm petite and the full skirts would be overwhelming on me. While Anyone still believe in 47 mature ladies 47 love the retro look, I personally look better in something that doesn't wear me, but rather I wear it.

I could rock the slimmer Celine, but not the LV. And who cares about which of these works for the guys? You gotta dress for yourself. This is so interesting to me.

I'm curious why we feel, as women, that if we're drawn more to the Louis Vuitton pieces, that it's for the men? When I look at these, I see the beautiful shape of women, the curves that we have that we should celebrate and accentuate, and not for a man, but for ourselves because that is who we are.