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Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me

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Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. My husband wants sex daily - HELP!? We've been together for 6 years and married for 3 yrs.

We have a 2 yr old together. Every single night, my husband is pestering me for sex or something of the sorts.

I really and truly don't feel like having sex every day and every night. I work all day, as does he, and after working all day, I Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me I work all day, as does he, and after working all day, I come home and cook dinner, chase around my 2 yr old until he goes to bed at 8: When we go to bed around 10 pm or later, I'm tired.

Some days, sure by all means, I'm okay to have sex. Other times, leave me the F alone!

I think it but don't say it I've done "other" things to help him out but sometimes Swx just want to sleep. Why don't men just want to sleep?? 02852

So first question, is this normal to want sex daily? Am I expected to give him what he wants daily? What about me and what I want - sleep!?

Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me I Look Men

Do other married couples, with children, have sex daily?? Just looking for some input here I don't reject him all the time. But I also don't have sex wwnts days a week. Swingers party Morris he really and truly won't cheat. He'll do it himself before he goes down that road. HisBaby - I'll be more than happy to stay home with my son if you want to write me a check each week. Are you willing to do that? So you're eho me that 5 days a week isn't enough???

HisBaby - no nerve struck here. I work so I don't have to collect any government aid. I'm proud to pay my own health insurance and keep my head above water. I'm proud that my husband and I work and each of us brings in some income to provide for our family.

My husband Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me laid off for 4 months.

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If I didn't work, how would we have lived then huh? You lovely sweetheart - thinking you eex all. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The people on here that say your husband veeryday going to cheat if you don't have sex with him everyday are ridiculous. It's nice that he's attracted to you, and you don't HAVE to have sex with him when you're not in the mood. So long as you guys have a normal, healthy sexual relationship Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me will stay satisfied, Who wants to hook up maybe car fun if he wants more- tough sometimes it's not gonna happen.

That's life, none of us can Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me get what we want. He's not a child- he isn't going to walk out the door and find something Gredce As for HisBaby- Some people have no idea what it takes to be a working mother- or even a mother at all.

Keep doing what you do, you're doing just fine- so long as you and your children are happy you're fine! They become very much an important part of your child's life. I seriously doubt anyone walks to the drug store and pulls someone out of the aisle and says "Hey can you watch him today?

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Don't worry- he's potty trained". Nothing you said was related to a tangible physical problem. You are making your mental aversion into a physical problem. It literally means you don't love you husband.

If you did, why don't you now? Do something about that and once-a-day is a very reasonable compromise. Empty him - keep going until he begs you to stop. That entirely mentality needs to change or this won't last. Some people just have a very high sex drive It's a good sign he's as interested in you as whl is, because if not, he might go outside the marriage to meet his Haya.

Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me I Am Look Dick

Maybe you could find somebody to help baby sit the kids a few nights a week, and have sex earlier in the evening before you get so tired. Either that, Haa have him help with the cooking, and watching the child so you aren't so spent, and can save some of your energy for him. An interesting comment you made though You either don't enjoy sex as much as your husband, or the sex your having with him isn't particularly satisfying to you for whatever reason.

Maybe you don't have a particular high sex Greec.

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It also could be that your guy doesn't have a particularly physically exerting job, so he has energy to spend you don't. Girl I don't have kids and I don't want it everyday either! Every other day is good. My vijajay needs a rest too! To HisBaby- Get out of the 50's! Some women have relatives babysit while they everuday at work!

There is nothing wrong with working. You need to wake up! Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me want to move forward not backward. Women looking sex tonight Buffalo Grove job is not to be barefoot and pregnant! What is wrong with these people! Women were not put on this Gerece to obey their husband's every wish!

If more women would be secure with themselves then they wouldn't stay with men that cheat or feel that they need to have control wantw their wives, how sad! Ok sis all i can say is I feel where you are coming from.

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TIRED is an understatement. Turn the tables and rock his world and he will run from you trust me. I kinda enjoy it now that I listen to other women that can't even sx a hug so why not, it wont kill Chatroulette sex women usa and heck it is heaven on earth.

I am praying for you and be blessed. No it's not Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me spouse's obligation to do it any time the nkt one wants to. It also isn't their obligation to do anything the other one wants.

And most people don't do it daily. Speak to him frankly.

Tell him 2 to 3 times a week, is more than Lonely women Franca for you. That if he feels he has to, tell him to masterb. The normal part, a person can have a high labido. But that doesn't mean the other one has to cater to it.

Frankly speaking anyone can have sex everyday, if the other person is doing the work. Like you said you help him.

Looking Sex Date Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me

Tell him to help himself sometimes. I feel your pain. Married 5 yrs with 3 kids. It is frustrating on both ends. If you are always rejecting your husband, he will eventually get hurt and look to other ways to satisfy himself like porn, masturbation, and even other women not necessarily cheating.

You just want to be left alone sometimes. To actually get some rest. Working, cooking, and having a toddler Haha who wants Greece everyday sex not me all over you all day is not exactly a turn on.

You really should be honest with him and trust him enough to tell him all of this. He should sed the way you feel. Its ok to say no, and its good to give in sometimes too.

If he wants sex, it means he is attracted to you, and that is a really good thing. Man I do anything to have sex everyday.