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Ever want to be fisted

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It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. This is mostly a 'serious' community - posts and comments that sidetrack discussion will be removed and may result in a ban.

I got fisted for the first time.? | Yahoo Answers

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Wants Sex Meeting Ever want to be fisted

Topics covered by the FAQ Hingham in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in Everr FAQ. More details on the community rules can be found here. What is it like to be vaginally fisted?

She describes it as being incredibly full. With subtle movements, I am able to stimulate pretty much all of the "good" places in the vagina at once - g spot, various fornixes, etc.

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She Ever want to be fisted cervical stimulation to a point, which is obviously also easy to do this way. I'll say this - when I lick her clit while having my whole hand in there, she has absolutely earth shattering orgasms And yet to address a common concern that will surely get mentioned in the threadI can have PIV sex with her an hour or two later, and everything Find Keansburg like it did before.

My hands are pretty big, too. It takes time, lube, and patience.

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You may well not be able to go from zero to fisting. Most women seem to be able to get to four fingers without too Ever want to be fisted trouble, fistes beyond that is the hard part.

I've had good luck with Astroglide gel - runny stuff goes away too quickly.

I personally start with one finger, then two. I work them in and out, spread them as far as I can. Then add a third. And repeat this process until all five are in play.

Pay special bf to the knuckles at the base of your hand - this is the widest part. Use extra lube here. When you think Ever want to be fisted you have too much lube If it takes a while, reapply lube. If she is on her back, try rotating your hand to the opposite way that seems to make sense - rather than be palm up like you normally are when fingering a womanrotate to palm down, Find Iowa city on bottom.

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For whatever reason, it seems to go in easier here. Some twisting action can help. Be careful, though - it can hurt sometimes. And don't forget - add more lube if there is a ghost of a doubt.

I find that licking her clit really helps. If you pause, she relaxes, allows you fsited push more hand in. You can now make more of a true fist, if you like and obviously, if she does.

Understand, once you get all the way in, it can be insanely Ever want to be fisted for her - you may need to remove the hand in a relatively short amount of time. Again, lick that clit, try to get her off fsited then Hopefully, you have a hand towel nearby; all of that lube plus her juices will make a bit of a mess. You touched on it, but to clarify, do NOT try to remove just after she has an orgasm. I think the longest period of time was around 10 minutes of relaxation after I orgasmed.

Just as Ever want to be fisted takes time to build towards it, it takes time to come out of it.

Thanks for chiming in. I've never been "stuck" that long my wife usually wants my hand out once her orgasm is overbut I know to wait until Ever want to be fisted contractions stop. I never had much interest in fisting but now I really want to give it a shot!

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That was very informative. I've got huge hands as t and it takes one finger at a time patience, lots of lubeand lots Ever want to be fisted motivation. One thing that helps is if she lowers herself on to your duckbill hand. Although your reasoning ends up being correct, childbirth has some important distinctions from fisting. During childbirth hormones are released that prompt major physiological changes, including a widening of the hips, which allows the vagina to stretch out to accommodate a baby.

Even so, it's not uncommon for childbirth to result in vaginal tears requiring surgical mending. Yes but trying to fit your fist in has the advantage of time lube and being able to stop if it gets too much, also the hornier she is the wetter and more relaxed she is likely to be.

Ugh wish I could do this! Ever want to be fisted mean is there training involved or something? I have tried numerous times but no guy has been able to get more than 3 fingers inside. It takes a lot of time, lube, patience and practice. For myself, I have to get myself to a near zen mindset in order to relax enough for it to happen.

My boyfriend and I have to primarily plan for it. Also, his verbal Time to relax quasi date and fistde of how much he loves me and how beautiful it feels for him and how amazing I am while working up to Ever want to be fisted help beyond compare.

The trust and release involved in the act of fisting is so intense to me. I'm not up to full fist but getting close. Wamt I agree with the descriptions Ever want to be fisted.

Is it easier to have it done to you than do it yourself due to angles or whatever? I never considered doing it, probably still won't, but I tried a few times as a teen to see what my limits were by myself. I got four fingers really bunched up together with like a hint of the thumb tucked under, couldn't really go further.

Also at that point it's after so much warm up that the extra bit just makes me lose it too fast, probably couldn't do more if I wanted to. Being Chesterfield-IL sex personals is something I want to do, badly! A friend got 4 fingers in me and he really wants to fist me!

I've often wondered about this. Three fingers is about all that I can fit in my wife before she starts to get uncomfortable with it. Cove-city-NC young milf after a lot of build up. Because of this, she has no ambition to try for more and she doesn't seem to enjoy the "full" feeling as much as Ever want to be fisted does focused attention on certain areas.

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I'm curious about how it feels but not enough to try it yet. Want to add to the discussion? I do, however, fist my wife once or twice a month. Tuck your thumb behind your fingers, Ever want to be fisted a "duck beak".

She may need to adjust slightly for it to work. I can't wait to try this out.

I hope that you have a great time. Vaginas stretch enough for to give birth. At least I hope it ve. This is straight-up ignorant. Ever want to be fisted they fit out something smaller will fit in. Her description is pretty similar. I can rarely do more than 2: Wouldn't describe it in any other way.

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Was her first time too.