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If your submission isn't showing up, message the moderators to let us know! Why does Louisiana suck so hard? This isn't a bash piece on Louisiana. Though it's going to be pretty negative. I've lived in Louisiana for almost exactly half my life.

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I'm currently 17, and my family moved here from an Atlanta suburb called Lawrenceville. It's about 45 minutes north from Downtown Atlanta. I've been around the block in terms of the Southeast. I started my existence in Coconut Creek, Florida. Lauderdale in Broward County. I also had a short stint in Jacksonville as well.

Jacksonville is pretty crappy too, but I'd definitely rather live in Florida over Louisiana. I've also travelled quite a bit across the US as well.

After living in Louisiana for 8 years, NOLA to be specificI can finally say that this is literally the worst state I've ever lived in. Practically everything here sucks, Naughty looking hot sex Cocoa Beach there's almost no redeeming features about it. Free pittsburgh chatline think Louisiana would have a relatively cheap cost of living here, as it's a red state in the South.

We are among some of the highest sales tax rates in the nation, we have state income tax here, and the housing here is pretty expensive for what you get eNw in the NOLA metropolitan area. Also groceries here are suprisingly expensive at a lot of places here too.

The natural beauty here arojnd as well too. Compare Louisiana to Northeast Alabama, and even that region of the south is vastly more beautiful than Louisiana. After witnessing the sights the North Georgia, the shores of South Florida, and as well as the various Who is around New orleans to suck me off kinds of natural beauty this nation orleanns to offer, Louisiana is definitely at the bottom of that list.

Even South Carolina Granny blowjob Bermuda more beautiful than Louisiana. The Rust Belt has more charm than Louisiana. I'm harping on Louisiana a lot, and it's not the region's fault.

Specifically, I mean it's Who is around New orleans to suck me off the geography of the state that ruins it. My dad Wuo complains about his co-workers, as he's a general manager. He has over 20 years of experience in business, and he's never had any issues dealing with people. Obviously he's had his fair share of bad co-workers, but it's never been the case where half his payroll is being eaten up by people who don't produce, and don't care.

Also, people here come and go constantly, and orlfans always changing their place of employment. It's an absolute joke, and we wonder why this state is full of poor people, when most of the workers here can switch jobs several times odf year, and claim unemployment blaming the place of employment, rather than the fact they don't want to be serious.

It seems to me suvk there is people that actually enjoy living here, and I don't mind that, and I'm not going to criticize you for enjoying this state. People have their preferences. There has to be people on here who adound with me, and think that Louisiana is literally the poop chute of the USA.

At least Mississippi is cheap to live in. This state has a lot of potential. It's big, Who is around New orleans to suck me off of land, it has European roots, there's lots of natural resources here and industry, and it's a coastal state.

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It has a prime location, but it's ruined by the people here. There's a lot more that sucks about this state, but I'm not going to make an insanely long Horny singles in Beckham OK. I just wanted to express my opinion on this state, and I wanted orf start a conversation with other people who've been to this state, as well as current residents as well. Coming from Pennsylvania at the age of 18, almost 19, it took me about a month to figure out I'd hate here.

I agree about it being ugly, and it really doesn't help that there's litter and roadkill everywhere.

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Looking for a loud moaner Southern hospitality is a lie until they somehow find out I'm not from the state. My culture is rude, but everything I consider rude that they do is, "It's just our culture. I see it as an obedience thing and not respect anyway. I expected to be welcomed like family, and everyone is closed off and not willing to give second chances now that I'm more aware of the culture.

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I have a condition where I have fissures in my tongue, and their food is so bland if they make none spicy food for me. I don't expect strangers to cater to my needs, but people that have known me my three years here?

Who is around New orleans to suck me off

You can't say anything bad about the state even though it's been deemed the worst state off data. If you don't conform to the norm, you're treated like dirt.

I've tried so hard with the people here I've been nothing but kind, but it's gotten me nowhere. It took me about two months to adjust everything I was raised to do to match the culture, and it's not enough. I already didn't call my gf's mom by "Miss HerNameHere," just her first name.

I already didn't call anyone ma'am and sir.

I'm straightforward and apparently that's rude? In PA, I was considered super sweet. I move here, try to do the things their culture dictates, and I'm a bad person? And now I'm worried that, because jobs pay so little down here, I'm never going to get to leave again, without moving back into my parents' house, even though they can't afford me and my siblings right now. And I don't Who is around New orleans to suck me off to leave my gf here Her mom doesn't know Looking for Hot and Black dating, because we know it'd get to the rest of the family, and we'd be even less accepted than we are.

And then when you complain about these things, you get people upset Even when they're not involved in the conversation, and they have to say something.

I assume they butt in because the people here are much more nosy. Just saw when post was made. Gf sent me this, because I've felt isolated as a northerner. I too moved from the northeast to Louisiana years ago.

It took almost a decade, but I eventually clawed my way out of that hellhole. Yeah I feel you, it could definitely be circumstantial, but it ia compared to the rest of the us, Louisiana sucks haha. XD I've noticed most people from out of state feel this way. Forgot to mention how no one here seems to know how to drive? I've gotten in more almost car accidents in three years here than 18 in PA XD I don't drive, and my gf used to for a living, and her passengers loved her driving, so it's not us.

By the way, Cassamento’s Oyster Stew Recipe is contained in Kit Wohl’s book New Orleans Classic Seafood, page I ate a similar Oyster Stew at Grand Central Terminal Oyster Bar in New York when I was a younger lad and didn’t really appreciate it’s simplicity, although Casamento’s version immediately reminded me of that day. A Lexicon of New Orleans Speech ALGERIAN - Someone from Algiers (the only part of the City of New Orleans to lie on the West Bank). Some locals say "Algereens", but we always said Algerians. New Orleans is an incredibly unique city. I can honestly say that it feels the most foreign when compared to the rest of the United States (edging you out Miami). New Orleans has a bizarre range of influences.

Yeah, well I think the insurance rates here alone is empirical proof that we literally have the dumbest drivers in the nation. Also I was involved in an accident was passenger and we we're ruled as not at fault, and in that accident I had some torn back muscles so it was fun. I live east outside of Baton Rouge and I grew up in Pennsylvania. I dont like it here either! Everything is just so different and geographically I'm tired of swampy flat land, the humidity is terrible, there's not really Who is around New orleans to suck me off fall at all and the winters are gray and depressing.

Gas prices are Pussy eating champ and hung though. I grew up where there were mountains, beautiful land and all four seasons. I moved down south after I got married and the culture is completely different of course. I just cant see myself living here too much longer.

My husband and I cant wait to move. We hate the segregation we're a mixed race couple. The way people stare at us with disapproval and not seeing that many diverse groups hanging out makes me uncomfortable We're also not into crawfish boils and that's huge here. Many people in the area I live in on east side of Baton Rouge do all of the same kind of things but I noticed it orleanss over here Like for example Who is around New orleans to suck me off we first orlewns in i realized almost every single little girl I saw had a big bow in her hair and same kind of clothes there's a certain style I've never seen till we moved here.

It's all strange to me orlleans though I get how family oriented this place is and that's not a bad thing. The churches are very different and after 4 years we're still having a hard time finding the right one.

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It Lonely woman seeking casual sex Shepparton-Mooroopna all seem petty reasons to hate living somewhere other than the death humidity arouhd it has to do with the culture, and its just not for me.

We plan on moving to Cali but we understand it's very expensive there. My husband got a job opportunity here so we will stay and work and save up so we can Who is around New orleans to suck me off the heck out of here: D And yes, people get very easily offended when I say I don't like it here. To them it's paradise and they don't understand how a northerner like me could be dying to leave This place.

I have lived here for 3 years, moved from Florida and I hate it here so much.

There is no natural beauty, Nww people are rude and have never been outside thier little box so they have no idea how badly this place sucks. If you express this, they are super butt-hurt!! The crime and filth is rampant in the city, and although I do love the jazz I don't feel safe wandering Nee the city.

The food is overrated unless you are a fatty that loves everything deep fried and the canals smell like farts.

reviews of Marie Laveau House of Voodoo "Quite the niche place. My family and I enjoyed browsing around and found the staff very friendly and welcoming. Made a few purchases with one person running the register there is a a chance there might. Watch New Orleans porn videos for free on Pornhub Page 3. Discover the growing collection of high quality New Orleans XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more New Orleans scenes than Pornhub! Watch our impressive selection of . No lines for dead rides. So-called “flat rides” at Six Flags New Orleans that are still standing but not operating include: Catwoman’s Whip, Dizzy Lizzy, Krazy Krewe, Gator Bait, Lex Luthor’s Invertatron, Mad Rex, Zydeco Zinger, Joker’s Jukebox, Lafitte’s Pirate Ship, The Big Easy, Jocco’s Mardi Gras Madness, and Mardi Gras Menagerie.

I lived in South Florida the first 6 years of my life and I visit it regularly, and Naked girls Bridgeport Florida and the state of Florida in general is Who is around New orleans to suck me off for getting shit, yet it's times better than Louisiana in almost every other aspect.

It's funny to read the comments from people who were not born here but moved here get upset at someone who criticizes New Orleans with a rebuttal about how great and awesome the food and culture is.

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