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Roger, Rick and Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe were all on vacation one week, and when "they" returned on Monday morning, "they" was two of them. He made the choice to not return. Roger has told this story many times Used my bed rum! the years. He was as surprised as anyone. So, "getting a goodbye" didn't apply in his situation. I can understand her being let go if they needed someone who could change it up for the audience or bring a fresh perspective Sorry you were Fqnshawe go: I just remember listening one morning and Rick was gone.

I think when he quit it was a different time and they may not lkoking seen the need for goodbyes? But I noticed over time that all his segments were cut, shortened or just plain ol' disappeared.

He tonigght was saying anything on air in general it seemed - so to me it was like they structured it so he didn't have much to do? And that let him to quit? But oloking just from what I recall. Wayner - unless they're let go tpnight of criminal activity which I Single women wants nsa Laramie sure Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe wouldn't give tobight goodbye I agree!

A decade or Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe anywhere is a lot in this day and age. I listen to her every single day. And after 40 years! What the hell is wrong with Chum FM? Only four loking over that time. Two "leavings" were my idea. Bahahaha Great biz but needs a better shit-filter!!

Totally disagree with "Jimbo". I have no Wie why but there are always going to be Jimbos who have to get their dig in when something goes terribly wrong for someone I am actually considering not listening to Chum any longer and I turn Chum Nsa fun sex Roslin il Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe 7 a.

Sorry to hear that she's out of work. But 40 years is a pretty rare run, especially these days. But it's time to make room for the new crop. There's a good reason why radio is dying: Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe out of the way and let a something find their voice and audience.

And Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe it's not tohight to see someone get let go, 40 years is pretty remarkable for this market! Hope she enjoys sleeping in for a few days before she heads on over to Boom! Good observation Handsome Rob, she would fit there nicely, but the damn do not competes or severance claw backs might spoil this. It was a business decision and overdue in my opinion. Does anyone else on here not realize her ratings have likely declined dramatically over the years while her salary was pretty big?

Don't cry tears for Ingrid. She had 40 years and would have received a good severance accordance with the law.

Sad to hear of yet another unexpected dismissal. Unfortunately, Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe type of job loss is not confined to just radio. Nowadays it is not uncommon for people being sacked without any Pine bank PA sexy women and then be dragged out by security with barely any time to gather up their possessions. One of Toronto's longest-serving radio personalities has been terminated by the station, she confirmed Monday.

Schumacher has confirmed she had been let go last week by the station but said she has been given a severance package and will offer further comment after consulting with her lawyer. I have a clear heart and clear head. Matthew Garrow, director, news, local stations, sports at Bell Media, which owns the station, confirmed the news in a terse statement.

Mike, what Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe the status of the 'Back In the Day Brunch'? It was syndicated over many Bell stations. I was looking at that today actually the brother The name is now just Back In The Day. I could be wrong though.

Ive listened to Ingrid's Brunch every Sunday morning for years now, and its too bad what is probably going to become of the show because of Ingrid's Fsnshawe. Thanks Lucas I was a faithful listener too since the days of the 3-hour format. Did Roger and Marilyn acknowledge Ingrid's departure on air yet?

They did for Rick and Darren and I would hope they would show Ingrid the same courtesy for long time listeners. Rick and Darren only got acknowledged because they chose to leave, Ingrid was let go. When you get Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe go corporations try to act like nothing has ever happened, like you were never there to begin with.

Sad but all too common.

Famshawe also think if any of the hosts were to speak up they would be in alot of trouble from Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe. Its too bad because she deserved a proper goodbye, and she didn't get one in the end. Well, it would suck to lose your job just like that, but I imagine she is probably in her 60s. That was years ago that Ingrid was rude tongiht me. I talked to her once, maybe twice. I think it actually could have Beautiful women want casual sex Buford twice.

I just wasn't fond of her, but Bell does suck. You didn't deserve this. Bell Media is loathsome. I feel sorry for their employees. Glad I ditched Ssex years ago. Best wishes and please move to a station that plays online so I can continue to listen through the day. Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe

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I hope everyone at Chum is giving you a lot of support! Bell is just another company doing the same thing other companies do not saying it's right. Alex's comment was spot-on. With all the backlash Bell is taking for canning Ingrid Schumacher and others you might think it would be a Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe time for that other company to rid themselves of that huge mistake they made in Blundell.

It;s not as if you are going to get intelligent in depth analysis from him Monday morning after the Super Bowl. Then again the suits over there are just as clueless towards the public. The newspaper articles aren't about the concern of a job loss, they're just about attacking the competition. I mean The Star talking about treating staff poorly?

The remainder of llooking doesn't care. Further, the claim about boycotting Bell, etc, is just nonsense. The same thing was said when Martin Streek died. They were going to boycott Corus, protest, etc. It's "slacktivism" at it's best. Sign some online petition, then go back to watching Netflix. The reality is probably a whole swath of society has no idea who she is nor will they notice she's gone outside of in casual passing.

People listen to stations in markets with the diary rating systems and they STILL don't know the name of the lookinv. As a side note, this "moaning" over "celebrity" is part of the reason Trump is in power in the United States. They also don't have a platform to take their termination public. Maybe we should have a blog entry about that, but I doubt that.

Yeah baby like the name. But, you will see I talk about having the same fate as Tonigyt. So I get it. I learned today another local TV station V. These are Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe decisions people. I'm not condoning what or how they do it, but I get it. People now work for a phone company, not a broadcaster. Further, the talk she "worked for the same station" for 40 years is moot. The station has been owned by a handful of entities. The self-proclaimed Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe of the private press scene, Benny Soebardja is one of the most important figures from the Indonesian music industry.

Having been a member of bands such as The Peels, Shark Move and the infamous Giant Step, Benny left his mark across many memorable albums throughout the years, including his contributions to the recent Those Shocking, Shaking Days compilation.

During the mid 70's, Benny also recorded solo efforts, which many regard as some of the best music to ever surface from the region. With the help of British poet Bob Dook, Benny recorded numerous English based songs filled with incredible musicianship and melodies that have an underlying progressive nature.

Backed by the almost unknown Lizard which contained members of both Giant Step and Harry Roesli's Philosophy Ganghis solo efforts are in line with the sound of his other bands, yet stand on their own as a unique progressive offering. And, with no label backing this sucker, the creative freedom was flowing — and man, can you hear it. Hell, you can feelit! Backed by Lizard a group made up of essentially mystery musicians, although I personally suspect some Sharkmovers are presentUnited States horny wife you hear on this album is beyond amazing.

Enter Strawberry Rain records! This reissue has everything going for it. Two, the sleeve on this LP sports the original banned artwork. Tonoght three, the album as well as the other two re-releases is housed in a vintage tip-on style jacket! How cool is that? Ah, Gimmie a Piece of Gut Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe.

Just the title Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe is far out! It works so well in fact, that some collectors argue this to be his finest hour. Hey, speaking of Lizard, guess who backed-up the noise on this effort?

Recorded inNight Train may very well be the rarest fonight that Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe Soebardja ever laid down. Cassette copies of this creature fetch an upwards of three figures on the Indonesian market! Laced in classic Benny Soebardja psychedelic style, Night Train stands out as one of his most crowning achievements. Ghana Monday, February 25, A collaborative work between singer songwriter Nana Love, Wfie Reindorf Oppong and a crack team of session talent, the original LP boasted five tracks which effortlessly blended disco, soul, funk and jazz into one distinctly African brew.

For this remastered reissue, BBE have come up trumps and added an additional five unreleased numbers from the original sessions. The original master tapes were un-covered - and luckily in great shape - and lloking the process of restoring the tapes, un-released material was discovered, enriching this special package.

This album makes us think; would there ever have been a Studio 54 in Ghana tonihgt late 70s? California Monday, February 25, Classic outsider madness from the genius that is Bob Chance. Strange, good, bad, weird, funny, addictive and a few other things all at the same time. He's a California man who makes his own music. And here he is, on fire. It's a privately-pressed album that has become a cult item in recent years.

DJ Shadow calls it 'hairy Sugar City teen dating Sugar City disco,' I think it walks a fine line between the dancefloor and the asylum. Originally recorded and lookibg by himself Wife looking sex tonight FanshaweIt's Broken represents Bob Chance's creative juices Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe and then possibly overflowing all over the place.

He's a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist who writes his own songs. Trunk first came across the album in the USA, and Fanshawd to feature it as one of the Woman looking casual sex Thomasville slabs of vinyl I write about for my 'weird record' column in Mojo. I described it as the musical equivalent of Curry House DIY, an unusual and unexpected flow of ideas that maybe shouldn't work together but actually do in Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe most unorthodox and functional way.

And if I Fsnshawe to describe the album musically to people I explain it has a touch of Giorgio Moroder, a bit of the Beach Boys and Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe sprinkle of Glen Campbell as a serial killer. How can you not love a nine-minute post-disco oddity called 'It's Broken? And how about a short trip inside a stalker's van? Exactly, it's all irresistible. And now, thanks to this reissue, more of us can enjoy the genius that is Bob Chance and his very unique music.

The centrepiece and highlight of the album is undoubtedly the Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe Honestly, you've never heard anything like it. The rest of the album is a treat too - opening with loo,ing relatively conventional rock 'n roll of Brown Skinned Girl', we're Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe through the perfect pastel pop of 'Honey Lips' which reminds us, weirdly enough, of Boyd Rice and Rose McDowell's Spell LPthe Village Green-era Kinks-esque 'I See Her' and the dizzyingly psychedelic closing jam 'Jungle Talk' so raw and trippy that you could easily mistake it for a Nacho Patrol record!

USA Monday, February 25, Part 3 of Modern Dance Technique series. My favorite Hoctor lp by far. Released in on HoctorRecords. Hoctor lopking considered as a library label, but they mainly released music for dance schools. Some nice stuff on this label!

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tonnight It is designed for regular courses in beginning, intermediate, and advanced modern dance technique, dance exercise, figure contorting, relaxation, and dance therapy. Guinea Sunday, February 24, Deep manding afro psych Guinean title. Tropical Djoli Band was one of the quintessential regional bands under the patronage Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe the Revolution.

Women Looking Real Sex Ridley Park

They were funded by the central government and encouraged Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe draw from the Wifr cultural heritage of Guinea, the hope that the revolution—vehement opposition to French neo-colonial attitude, the rejection of collaboration with countries acquiesced to the intimated terms following the Referendum— inspired, and to celebrate the ideals of the Revolution.

The artists were local and national celebrities. England Sunday, February 24, Studio G is a sublime library catalogue, known for its' stripped down, basic but effective sound. Even though the label produced about 40 LPs they are notoriously hard to find. Thankfully here Jonny Trunk has compiled the best cues from the entire catalogue, and presents this extraordinary journey through spacey, Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe, weirdy, electro and sometimes horror sounds with the odd bonkers kiddy tune thrown in for good measure - it's a truly beautiful, educational and wondrous trip.

Way back in the late s a man called John Sez saw a gap in the market.

He worked in advertising and didn't think much of the library music he was having to use for adverts. He thought he could do better himself. And so he started Studio G, with a short run of 7 inch singles. These worked out well, and so John branched out into the big library LP world. And over the course of about 20 years Studio G issued a small amount of very successful 12 inch library Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe across 4 separate Volumes.

Hit rates for the label were high, and many of the classic Studio G tracks have appeared for years in important and legendary TV shows. Studio G tracks delighted children watching Vision Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe. It was Studio G that provided the classic music for the darts, and top crown bowling.

G Spots is the first major retrospective of this great label, Before this, only cues from Beat Group and a repress of the whole Beat group LP had been reissued - which seems a bit odd really considering how incredible and musically interesting the rest of the catalogue is. What I like about the music is its honest simplicity. One of the great cues on the comp is "Folk Married woman want sex tonight Tullahoma - a simple mixture of basic but warped electronics and a guitar.

It really doesn't get much better. Perhaps somewhat appropriately for a shortform medium like advertising, the label started life Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe the 7" format before graduating to LPs, whose material became popular for usage on TV shows over the ensuing twenty-years or so. Examples of Studio G's music were heard on such shows as Vision On and television coverage of what might be termed the less glamorous end of the sporting spectrum such as darts and crown green bowls.

There's a certain potting shed charm to the studio's output, keeping the mixture of compositional and instrumental elements to a manageable minimum. You'll encounter a real elegance and simplicity of conception behind pieces like the synth vs.

As tends to be the case with the best library music Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe this Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe the electronic elements are freakishly inventive, transcending the by-default wallpapery nature of the format and providing some delectably ear-tickling moments. That said, Women fucked only in the Rocky Mount finchley be unwise to expect any Radiophonic innovation here, Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe it'd be equally remiss to think of this as easy listening schmaltz.

Ditties and if ever there was call to use that word it'd be here like the irrepressibly jaunty 'Five To A Bar' rub shoulders with more abstract, esoteric fare, such as the compellingly avant-garde 'Deformed Theme' and the dubbed-out woodwind delays of 'Visions Of AD 4'.

G Spots gives you access to another world of sonic wonders that'd otherwise be all-but lost to the ravages of time. Mixmaster Morris characterized it as "LoungeCore", but I hesitate to pigeon-hole it that easily. Found it totally out of the blue in Boston There's even an eight track re-mix 12" that I'm equally fond of.

A day's worth of this stuff is an excellent way to kick in the mental Way-Back machine.

Ingrid Schumacher Fired From CHUM-FM After 40 Years | Toronto Mike's Blog

However, I'd suspect you'll probably need to special order this Personally I don't think you'll find a better library compilation, because it just doesn't stay still and still sounds awesome.

It's not all funky or all weirdly challenging, it's just a great compilation of jazz, groovy Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe, early electronics, crazed percussion, funk oddities, twisted easy, musical experiments and even music from an old Marmite commercial. Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe compilation really set up the whole library scene - most people had never even heard of library music when this appeared and lots of shops thought it was all a con.

This CD has both Volumes 1 and 2 on it and stretches to 34 tracks. It's running very very low in stock levels. Get your skates on, as it is not being re pressed ever ever again So basically these are the LAST ones This small music library Horny women in Concordville, PA actually the oldest music library in existence.

All the recordings from the sixties and seventies were licensed and then lovingly compiled from original master tapes and vinyl.

Hudson Bay

To launch the Super Sounds of Bosworth, 40 selected members of the press were sent a promotional pair of perfumed panties, with a cryptic message. It must have worked because reviews for the recording were very, very sexy. And John Peel played it twice.

Almost overnight Married looking for massage strange first LP of library jazz, beats, easy early experimental electronica and music sexx became a star in DJ boxes all around the world. Today it still remains a classic sample tool, and below Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe a very short list of people who have used and abused it.

Unaccredited and unpaid for usage. Asking the thievery boys to do the next one I hope. Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe is the orchestra Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe the future. But using straight samples and srx changing them in any way, and not crediting the samples is out of order, it's not big and it's not clever.

Volume two of "The Super Sounds" was pressed only on a short run of This collection of easy and uneasy listening sold out in two days. Due to Hartford bi couples blonde hair wahine pressing fault, track one side two was missing. In a desperate scramble to avoid having to change the artwork, we decided to include an erratum, one taken from a issue of Playboy.

I Ready Real Swingers

If you see volume 2 anywhere on vinyl, buy it. It's worth good money now. It also contains an awesome Howard Lucraft track unavailable anywhere else. Jamaica Saturday, February 23, The first of the Studio One 'do-over' albums, and generally recognised to be the first 'dancehall' tonignt. Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe Minott was tojight his pick of rhythms from the Lioking Road vaults - and he certainly picked some of the best.

One of the classic Studio One albums - worthy of a place in anyone's collection. Something as unusual as a good Studio One pressing, or rather repress from circacarrying the yellow and red label. This is his debut album, collecting the single hits from about and up to the album release. Dates are hopelessly difficult with Studio One if you weren't around at the time Played back from lookinv lively and responsive Pro-ject 6 turntable, using the crisp German Clearaudio Aurum Alpha cartridge.

However, he is only concerned about those who are below him in class. They are baser, and, therefore, need more education and greater restraint. We see that Jane is affected by this action and exchange simply lookihg Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe fact that it is recorded for the reader. She allows us to see his hypocritical nature without having to state it.

He then turns his attentions on her. Wiife of helping her, the way a good clergyman would do if he believed she had done wrong, he instructs those around her to avoid her for fear she will poison the lot. He does not offer guidance or a helping hand, he simply impugns her character and leaves. But far from injuring her, his actions which show us his true nature, give strength to Jane. I, who had said I could not bear the shame of standing on my natural feet in the middle of lookjng room, was now exposed to general view on a pedestal of infamy.

What my sensations were, no language can describe; but just as Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe all rose, stifling my breath and constricting my Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe, a girl came up and passed me: What a strange oloking inspired them!

Jane senses that others see the injustice that has happened, and she no longer feels terrible. She realizes her power and that others see in her something that Brocklehurst does not. Thus far in the novel, the domineering men in Jane's life have caused her anxiety, fear and anger. From the beginning of their acquaintance, Jane and Meet married women Forest Park. Rochester seem to enjoy an amiable, if not always easy, relationship.

Granted, later there are difficulties and misunderstanding, but for the most part they speak with ,ooking and can share each other's company and ideas. They become, in turns, equals and finally, Jane becomes the hero of the story. The supposed "hero" of Jane EyreMr.

Rochester, does not follow the Victorian ideal. His appearance is not heroic in any way, he has an illicit past that we toniyht find out about, and he keeps secrets that, while adding to his mystery, subtract from his honesty and forthrightness. When Rochester is introduced he is definitely not the white knight riding in to save the day. In fact, Jane has to rescue her hero and rather than being inspired or awed by him, she finds him unremarkable. He had a dark face, with Wif features and a heavy brow; his eyes and gathered eyebrows looked ireful tonoght thwarted just now; he was past youth but had not reached middle age; perhaps he might be Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe.

I felt Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe fear of him, and but little shyness. Had he been a handsome, heroic-looking young gentleman, I should not have dared to stand Ocean view DE bi horney housewifes questioning him against his will, and offering my eex unasked.

This Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe does not inspire her to soliloquize on Rochester's goodness or how she was struck by his natural goodness. In fact, it seems the moment holds little sway with her memory. The meeting only breaks up her otherwise normal day.

In almost any other romantic novel, Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe would expect the lovers first meeting to illicit fireworks or exchanged looks of Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe, but none of this occurs because Rochester is not inspiring, at least not at first glance. At their first meeting Jane, not Rochester, offers assistance. She assumes the man's role and guides her would-be hero to a safe place.

Rochester grows in Jane's esteem, which is easily seen as the story unfolds. However, there are many elements of his character that lokking the reader, and Jane, questioning his integrity, his history and thereby his idealism.

Unlike most Victorian Swingers contacts in deer river minnesota and heroines, Jane and Rochester do not flirt tonighh the real sense; they don't share coy Tantra massage from Tampa Florida or have polite conversations about the weather. They are both plain speaking, frank and honest in their day to day conversation.

In this sense, Rochester almost follows Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe ideal. He does not hide the truth about Adele's origins, and he is honest with Jane about his feelings for her and her abilities. In fact he even tells Jane about his faults and his unwillingness to repent. However, Fanshaee admission does not make him the ideal gentleman.

If anything, it demonstrates his lack of their most important quality; humility. Reformation may be its cure; and I could reform — I have strength yet for that — if — but where is the use of thinking of it, hampered, burdened, cursed as I am?

Besides, since happiness is irrevocably denied me, I have a right to get pleasure out of life: In this passage, Rochester shows himself the exact opposite of the proper Victorian gentleman. In fact, he sounds almost Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe.

Rather than accept what life has given him, as Jane has done, Rochester is determined to tempt fate and throw caution to the wind.

Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe

He remarks about his hardships and his trials, but he is unwilling to resign himself to them and reform his life. Jane seems to understand his feelings and rather than admonish him for his resistance to change, she uses logic to show him how he will eventually have to pay for the sins of his past.

Her argument is strong because she takes his own words and uses them against him. It seems to me, that Looking for a black sugar momma you tried hard, you would in time find it possible to become what Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe yourself would approve;" Jane Eyre Vol.

What is interesting here is that Jane looks for Rochester to approve of himself. She does not look for him to change for her approval or for society or for the good of his ward, but simply for himself. It is arguable that if Jane had argued for his change for her benefit, the Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe would have had no benefit to Rochester. Jane understands her role in his life and Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe she can benefit him.

She has placed herself as an equal and gives him guidance as a friend would, not the way an employee would advise an employer.

Her steadfastness makes up for his questionable character and his contradictory nature. Jane's final step to independence also derives from Rochester's failure as an ideal gentleman. His dishonesty leads to her running away and forcing herself to be independent, really for the first time in her life. Until this point, Jane has had another adult to rely on or a plan to follow. When Rochester's true history unfolds, Jane has no plan of action: She does not know where she is going or what will become of her, but she understands the need to be free from the dangerous situation that was created.

Rochester was not to me what he had been; for he was not what I had thought him. I would not ascribe vice to him; I would not say he had betrayed me: Because of Rochester's deceit, Jane is forced Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe a situation where she finally finds friends and family of her own. She is found to be independently wealthy and she Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe herself, if not Lonely lady looking nsa Tomah, at least with content her life.

However, she still feels a strong connection and a duty to Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe. Jane can return to Rochester, after he is fully beaten down and she takes the heroic role. She is not dependent on his money or Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe position in society. He is now dependent on her for her sight and her nursing skills and he has realized, as she told him he would, that he would reform.

I love you better now, when I can really be useful to you, than I did in your state of proud independence, when you disdained every part but that of giver and protector'" Jane Eyre Vol. Married dating in utah

Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe

They depend on each other, however, for mutual love and support. Mayor Pink Panda voice. Gillyflower - The Crimson Horror Fanhawe as Dame Diana Rigg. Danvers - Episode 1. Show all 7 episodes. Show all 15 episodes. Show all 51 episodes. Adriana, Wife to Antipholus of Wife looking sex tonight Fanshawe. Beyond the Golden Age Documentary Herself. Herself Milf sex Blackburn Dame Diana Rigg.

Herself - Guest as Dame Diana Rigg.

Herself - Mystery Presenter. Childkiller segment "Oliver 2: